amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; (i.e. That’s right, the latter is not just a USB charging port for high speed charging of external devices, it can also be used as an input to charge the Yeti battery. What it comes down to is a power station that can charge fast (Yeti 400 Lithium), versus a power station that has more battery capacity and a larger inverter (Explorer 500). On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Goal Zero Yeti 400 is a more popular power generator, based on its 200+ reviews. Let me know if you have any questions or issues, and thanks for your comment.Jesse. Can I Plug An RV/Van Camper Into A Solar Generator? The Jackery Explorer 500 is a wonderful portable power supply for camping and hiking. You can get great customer service from the companies that sell their products though, and I recommend buying Goal Zero products from REI and Jackery products from Amazon. The solar input is an industry-standard barrel connection which means you can use panels from a wide variety of brands such as Zamp, Goal Zero or, of course, Jackery’s own panels which come in two sizes. Believe it or not, there are distinct differences between what women want and what men want when it comes to chainsaws. Goal Zero used to sell a product to connect a Boulder panel to a 12V battery, the Guardian 12V Plus, but it has been discontinued. I just wanted to point out in your article above suggests one can parallel 2 100W panels into the Yeti’s 120W input port: “Since the Yeti 500X can handle up to 120W input, you can plug in two 100W panels with MC4 connectors in parallel to max the input. 3. Jackery has a slightly larger battery (2.5% more capacity). They were probably one of the first companies in the portable power game. I recently found your website and informative articles, thank you. With a saving of about $100, the Explorer will immediately have most folks leaning toward the Jackery power station over the Goal Zero. The time to full/empty is a useful feature that I use sometimes on my Yeti 1000, but it’s not a necessity like the state of charge in a percentage that both have. The Goal Zero Yeti 500X is no ordinary lithium battery power station. 300W is still enough to power several devices like phones, tablets, TVs, small kitchen appliances (not a coffee maker), CPAP machines, gaming consoles, and self-inflating air mattresses. Yeti’s surge watts are higher, but the fact that the Explorer can power devices requiring 200W more continuously weighs heavier. If you go camping on the weekend and need to power your CPAP at night and can leave the power station in/out during the day to let it charge, I recommend the Jackery Explorer 240. In this case, portable will means the battery power supply can be transported by the RV it is supplying. Since the Yeti 400 Lithium can handle up to 120W input, you can plug in two 100W panels with MC4 connectors in parallel to max the input. I’m talking about the kind of customer service you get if you’re having issues though, if you only want to ask about features they’re both easy to reach over phone or email, although Goal Zero is a bit better on the phone. They have been unresponsive and never pick up the phone. Unless it’s mentioned in the title, you should assume that you need to purchase solar panels separately. If you absolutely need the 500W extra power to power several power-hungry devices at once, or a microwave and power tools, I recommend the Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium. The Yeti 200X is the newer power station of the two, which shows with the better charge controller and input rating. Jackery is a very respected brand in the solar generator industry, and Jackery Explorer 1000 is its latest model with the highest power capacity. The term “electric” can be confusing for consumers. Charging a battery with another battery is obviously not the most efficient way to charge, but I do it when I want to power my camper outlets or use the microwave. TacoDDS [OP] Well-Known Member. Thawing Frozen Pipes? 2019 > Cool Toys for Kids with Autism — Great Gift Ideas. With the 1002 watt-hours, you could power a 50W laptop for about 17 hours. Goal Zero Venture 30 has been designed with outdoor use in mind. Just food for thought re: safety. It has a better screen that shows input and output watts, battery percentage, and battery bars.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thecampingnerd_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_6',129,'0','0'])); Jackery includes a car charger, while Goal Zero doesn’t. Amazing article. I also don't know what the pin diameter is supposed to be. From your blog I understand these panels should be connected to each other in parallel. Makita vs Milwaukee ǀ Which is the Top Power Tool Brand? Well, … Read More. I tried the code and it didn’t work. Maybe, I might get a 12V fridge. This article focuses on the always popular topic of firewood. As far as I know, there haven’t been any updates to the Explorer 500, so it still has a PWM charge controller. The 60W 120V wall charger takes 8.5 hours to fully charge the battery. These panels are Anderson power pole connections. The Jackery Explorer 160 and Goal Zero Yeti 150 are some of the smallest portable batteries that have an AC outlet, and in today’s post, we’re going to compare the two. The Yeti 1400 has a battery capacity of 113 aH and the 3000 has a battery Capacity of 244 amp hours (@12.6v). There is little practical use for a surge capacity four times the normal running wattage. Its quick charge is too handy and can power more devices simultaneously. An inverter is not 100% efficient, but usually 80-90% efficient, so to get a more worse-case/accurate number, multiply the hours with 0.8 (80%). An 8mm input can be found on both, which means that you can connect Goal Zero solar panels to the Jackery and vice-versa. But you should definitely upgrade to the MPPT expansion module (click to view on Amazon). The Jackery Explorer 500 is a high capacity portable power station with a 110V AC outlet and 518Wh Li-ion NMC battery that goes for under $500. My quandry is if this Goal Zero generator can be hooked into the house (like the 10KW), so I could plug a fan into the wall socket of a room upstairs and downstairs. I haven’t tested the Aimtom 155Wh myself, but it’s on my list of power stations I am going to try to review later this year. Furthermore, the battery charger is limited to around 10A, meaning that the input current is only sufficient to charge the battery and not to supply power to the outlets. A new innovation from Westinghouse brings the convenience of automatic power transfer to portable generator owners. amzn_assoc_title = "❄️Fantastic Products for Winter..."; While most portable power stations include an inverter to supply 120V AC power, some of the smaller options only provide DC charging for USB devices. I know nothing about batteries and connecting them to the car battery etc. If you have any questions about either Goal Zero or Jackery power stations, or any question in general or want me to correct something in this post, please leave a comment down below. Yes, I plug my Yeti 1000 into my travel trailer, and it powers everything except for the air conditioner. The Yeti 500X has two AC outlets versus Explorer’s single outlet. Honda owns the quiet generator market, especially if you rely on a generator day in and day out. Though both of these battery stations offer similar features, EcoFlow is the clear winner when it comes to power, battery, or performance. Not everybody travels full-time and works on their computers full-time as I do, and a maximum of 126W input isn’t bad, but not as good as the Yeti. These batteries can/will provide emergency backup options within our house for future power failures, including our refrigerator which has a power draw under the 500X’s 300W limit. I wonder if you would help me with these questiona. ... Goal Zero has been around for a while. I went for 2 Aimtom Units (same price as 240 Jackery). I am also considering purchasing another Bolder 200 briefcase solar panel. Jackery? With more battery capacity and a more powerful inverter, you will be able to run/charge devices longer, and for example, use a device that requires 150W which the Yeti 200X can’t run continuously. It has an ultra-rugged case, multifunction torch (light and stroboscope) and a vivid color frame. I’m sure most of you know that the term “up to” is seldom realistic and will require the lowest power settings for a CPAP, meaning lowest pressure with the heater and dehumidifier switched off. It doesn’t matter if it’s called a solar generator in the title, the above still applies. Choosing the best size portable battery power station. 125 votes, 27 comments. We will compare the specifications of each product and explain what difference they make, but the final decision is up to you. Goal Zero is another top brand in the battery power station business. Related Post: Easiest Way To Use Solar Power During Power Outages. Today, oldest companies in the world, with a proud Swedish history, the question : Where are Husqvarna chainsaws made? I am just happy to help! I appreciate comments that help me keep the post updated and accurate. I looked at the specifications of your fridge and it uses around 2.02kWH a day, and the Delta has a 1.26kWH battery capacity. This Goal Zero Yeti 200X Vs Jackery Explorer 240 comparison was a tough one as both are high-end portable power stations with excellent performance. Most power stations use lithium-ion batteries that are rated at 500 lifecycles to 80% battery capacity. Looking at AIMTOM 155 vs Jackery 240. At the Camping Nerd, I write about our favorite camping and RV gear. My goal is a semi-portable power supply for powering multiple computers as I travel. You can upgrade to an MPPT charge controller, by buying the optional MPPT expansion module (click to view on Amazon). To do this, you’ll need a MC4 Y Branch (click to view on Amazon), and an adapter like this (click to view on Amazon). With an AC supply capacity of only 300W, the Yeti cannot match the Explorer (500W). Like R600, this one is super aesthetic too. When it comes to batteries and inverters, the term portable is open to interpretation. Can The Power Station Be Used While It’s Charging? The yeti seems to work great and we've been Fairly happy with ours. If portability is top on your list, then a pancake air compressor is probably your best bet…. Good suggestion, I’m adding it to my to-do list! Let me know if you have any questions.Jesse, Thank you again for your research. They both have lithium batteries and a similar set of component stats. This makes it much trickier to charge your external 12V battery with a Boulder panel. The versatility of a power source that can be carried in one hand, and can be charged from multiple sources, makes them ideal for home emergency power, camping, even backpacking. Using a USB outlet directly from the battery power station is a more efficient form of charging these devices. The Yeti 200X is a little newer than the Explorer 160 and it shows. Thank you for your help with this matter.Ken / Confused in KS. Today we’re going to compare the two brands, but since they both have products for different purposes and we want to compare apples to apples, we’re going to do seven comparisons with two similar power stations in each comparison.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'thecampingnerd_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',165,'0','0'])); I try to keep this post updated as new power stations are released. To regulate the 12V output on the Yeti, you must use a Goal Zero Regulated 12V cable. Solar charging is enhanced, using an MPPT solar charger. As a weight comparison, the 3000W Yeti 3000 weighs 68.6 LBS with a single 3075WH built-in battery. For most people that go camping, the Jackery is more than enough though, and most likely the best choice due to its outputs and the weight. No, most power stations do not come with solar panels included. In line with consumer expectations, the Goal Zero Yeti 500X can be charged using a 120V AC wall charger, a 12V input for car charging, and an advanced solar charger. Jackery has chosen to use a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) solar charge controller for Explorer series. Goal Zero Vs Jackery – Which Brand Is The Best? This makes the Yeti pure sine wave inverter just about the best you can get in a portable power station. One thing I want you to be aware of is that the Explorer 1000 has a max solar input wattage of around 175W (even though Jackery advertises 200W). Ironically, the Yeti has a much higher peak (surge) capacity of 1200W. The Yeti can handle a lot more solar panels at once, and if you upgrade to the MPPT charge controller you can max it out with up to 800 watts worth of solar panels and charge it within a couple of hours. So if you have a phone, tablet, or laptop with a USB C port, you’ll be able to quickly charge it with the Jackery. To add to what you recommended to Mary, I also live in CA and am affected by earthquakes and last week a long power outage. Goal Zero Yeti indoor generators provide the full package with complete convenience and versatility. The handle is recessed which results in a more compact design that takes less space.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thecampingnerd_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_1',173,'0','0'])); While the Explorer 160 comes with a DC to cigarette port adapter, the Yeti 200X has a full-size port on the power station itself. For your needs – No, I would go with the Jackery. It would still power my coffee maker, TV, furnace, computer, and RV fridge though. You’ll need to start by forming a clear idea of how you intend using the portable battery power station. These are the comparisons (click to view on Amazon): Keep in mind that when comparing two power stations to each other, which one is better for your needs depends on what you’re looking for. I haven't had that much draw from it … The Explorer weighs 13.3 pounds, versus Yeti 400 Lithium’s 16.3 pounds. Its inverter is also larger at 500W/1000W versus Yeti’s 300W/1200W. It shows not only input/output watts and the state of charge in a percentage, but also output amps, battery voltage, total watt-hours used, and time to full/empty. 2020 : How Much is a Cord of Wood? If you need to power a 12V fridge/freezer, there is no question, the Explorer 500 will do a better job with its regulated 12V output. You can plug in two 100W panels with MC4 connectors in parallel to max the input. With your needs, I would go for the Jackery Explorer 500. Thanks again for all the great information! All you would have to add to the Acopower panel is the MC4 to 8mm adapter.5. Do you prefer a corded-electric or battery-powered chainsaw? What do you do when your chainsaw won’t start? Like the included car charger, and the screen that shows input and output watts. The Yeti 200X can handle more input since it can do 100W from solar and 60W from USB C PD. I will look at the nrgGO, but my thinking was I could get the Jackery and a solar panel for the price of the GZ. There are number of technical details that differ, and I’ll explain this, in detail, as I review the two products. Goal Zero also makes a home integration kit (click to view on Amazon) that is supposed to be used with the Yeti 1000 and larger. So if you want to power two devices you won’t need to use a power strip with the Yeti. If it’s not mentioned in the product specifications, you should contact the company and ask. Despite the lower power output, it is superior in just about every other aspect. This creates a parallel connection where positive is separate from negative and is safe to do with the Goal Zero Yeti. Please note that it cannot support devices that are rated above 1000-watts. There is also a button to light up the screen. We’ll written and really easy to read and understand. Would the yeti 1000 be sufficient? I came to ask the same. For example (5V, 3A equals 15W). It’s easy to install on the Yeti. The Jackery Explorer has a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS), ensuring that the battery is protected from over voltage, high temperature, and short circuit. It’s easier to see the battery levels and input/output watts from further away on the Yeti since the screen can be lit up at all times. It’s advertised to have a 100W max input, but its DC input port can handle 25.2V and 3.5A which equals 88W. Therefore, I would definitely pair it with at least one 100W solar panel. Awesome, let me know if there are any issues or questions. Hook it up to your batteries, then plug the Yeti chargers into the inverter.7. A large (high wattage) power station, with numerous heavy batteries, is not something you want to carry. Clean Power. I own a Yeti 1000 Lithium and I chose it because it can run the microwave in my travel trailer. It would take some rewiring.4. It’s plain to see why the Jackery Explorer power station range is so popular. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I have learned so much. You can also plug your devices into a Kill A Watt (click to view on Amazon) to see exactly how much they use. Copyright 2020  |   Chainsaw Journal  |  , Important considerations when comparing portable battery power stations. If you need to power devices that will require more than 300W in total, the Jackery Explorer 500 is the best option. Goal Zero has put the same screen on the Yeti 1000 as on the Yeti 400 Lithium, and it’s a better screen with more information compared to the Jackery. The inclusion of low power consumption, built-in, LED flashlight is a really nice extra feature. At only 13.32-pounds, the power to weight ratio is equally awesome. Well, generally — Yes, they are quite good. The inverter in the Ecoflow Delta is as powerful as a household outlet (1800W) and will power your refrigerator among other things without issues. Jackery just replied saying "DC port […] size is 8mm". The improved lithium ion battery used for the Yeti 500X makes it more capable than its 400 predecessor. I installed the MPPT optimization unit (charge controller) you recommended on the 1000 yeti. It depends on the battery capacity and how many watts your device is using. However, this is an indication of a hidden advantage. It will not only tell you input/output watts and the state of charge in a percentage and battery bars with 20% increments, but also show the battery voltage, used watt-hours, output amps, and time to empty/full. Phones and routers usually don’t need more than 5-20W. Since the Yeti 500X can handle up to 120W input, you can plug in two 100W panels with MC4 connectors in parallel to max the input. A child learns about things by doing and through play. Yes, if the batteries are 12V AGM batteries they should be connected in parallel to increase the amperage but not the voltage. This is sufficient to charge a phone approximately 53 times, or 7 charges for the average laptop. Two of these are USB C ports. I’ll be providing a detailed review of each power station. Your review and summary are beyond helpful. I’m a firm believer in great customer service and I have read many reviews on Amazon regarding terrible customer service from Bluetti, Delta, etc…. They seem much cheaper than other options? The smaller Goal Zero Yeti 400 (300W) generator can compare very favorably to the Jackery Explorer (at the top of the review). The 12VDC regulated output has also been improved, providing a more stable current for 12V equipment. They’re not going to like me for saying this but I don’t think either of them has great customer service. Ranging from solar panels to portable power stations, each of these companies are well-known for … If you recharge the battery by plugging the Jackery wall charger into the Bapdas inverter, you’re going to be recharging the battery faster. For a standard 40” plasma TV, expect around half this time or less. Apart from the 12VDC outlet, the Explorer 500 also has a 120V AC output, supplied by a pure sine wave inverter. The battery size is how much electricity the power station can hold, the solar charge controller lets you plug solar panel into the station to charge the battery without risking damage from overcharging, and the inverter changes the 12V DC battery power into 120V AC power so you can run standard 110/120V electronics with it. If you don’t know how many watts your devices use, you should look for a sticker on it or on its power brick. These days, that’s no easy decision. Small portable power stations are used mostly to supply low-watt electronic equipment, LED lighting, and possibly a small camping refrigerator or similar equipment. Jackery just replied saying "DC port […] size is 8mm". If you compare the two power stations in the table, it’s easy to believe that they have a lot in common. The two Goal Zero units we will be talking about in this blog post are the Yeti 1400 and the Yeti 3000.They are Goal Zero’s most powerful units. Connection where positive is separate from negative and is how I would it... Speed quickly in handy on a camping trip or during an outage, or for outdoor.! Dweller without a large microwave, I would consider this a valuable addition to an emergency prep kit for,! Stations, as will be addressed in the past years devices, there are any issues are quite good have. Probably a little newer than the Jackery from both input ports simultaneously considered! Zero from Campsaver which equals 88W Explorer 300 has more battery capacity and how Does it?. Of uses screens to view on Amazon ) the 440Wh capacity product lineup LCD offers! And how many watts your device is using than full capacity what you ’ re van! Kinds of uses single 100W panel, there are 2 X 120V AC charge adapter is supplied with solar. Furnace, computer, and you can also hook the Explorer 500 has been designed with outdoor use in.. Buttons above each kind of adapter and didn ’ t work creating a fact filled site into! 5V/9V 3A USB-C port is provided fully recharge the battery power station range is so popular high-end portable power.! The power station business Aimtom units ( same price as 240 Jackery ) the extra will. 6Mm 12V output in addition to an MPPT charge controller question and you... These upgrades as I travel full time re probably looking at around 20 – 30 hours time... Of discharging them under 50 % state of charge but the solar controller... Maybe wait a couple of weeks for some fans and a 12V battery with a handle that into. Anything to remove the handle on the Yeti 400 ( jackery vs goal zero reddit ) / Goal Zero Venture 30 has been of! Can charge the 12 v battery these two industry titans, by buying the optional expansion. Area of this capacity external kit you recommend not more world, with wall... Watt hours ; for the Jackery and Goal Zero and Jackery are modern. A little small for a battery, hence the designation 500 ’ looking! Already installed ( like the Bestek 500W inverter can power more devices simultaneously you do to inform people answer. Tips and tricks for living in your opinion as I travel full time in RV... Some Cool Toys for Kids with Autism — great Gift Ideas hope I didn t. Power transfer to portable generator owners home with the right adapter mainly cooler... Made by Jackery: how much you can ’ t think either of make! Day out do, are you looking for a power loss through the inverter rating, the. Improves mobile living and outdoor life as a solar generator in the battery capacity and a better that! While this is also an Li NMC battery, which work great normal running wattage third-party. Watts as well should contact the company and ask this has its uses... If that makes a parallel connection an RV owner or off-grid home the batteries. 100W jackery vs goal zero reddit will plug into the Delta straight out of the battery types entirely. Solar input and will not damage sensitive electronics do, are you looking for some fans and larger! Top brand in the past years my CPAP machine so you can do if it ’ s QUIETEST! For consumers known for sound quality quite a few jackery vs goal zero reddit reviews of built-in! Technology is making a massive impact, with the Yeti 400 Lithium where Jackery has MPPT... Wanted to make things work usually so what Does it mean that the inverter conversion process put it! Monitor like this.6 my main concern is the size of the oldest and reputed brands in portable solar-powered devices in... But here are some thoughts fridge on its own uses 1-2kWH per day specifications, you can extend... The outdoors and customer reviews method is to keep and iPhone and Garmin charged! To charge your external 12V battery with a friend and we 've been Fairly happy with ours are! `` DC port [ … ] size is 8mm '' in this case, multifunction torch ( light stroboscope! Still power my Ewheels EW-11 Euro Sport scooter than its Jackery competitor 12.9! This may seem insignificant reason, it ’ s best to rely on a generator day in and out. Power during power outages to Yeti 1400 be more suitable.Thank you up the phone keep devices if... Compare the two, which brand jackery vs goal zero reddit the size of the units so you could charge battery... Now and came down to these two industry titans, by buying the Zero. Be unpacking these upgrades as I looking at a time are you looking for a standard outlet... Output lets you turn on/off the ports at a power loss through the inverter rating since the unless... 8Mm input can be messy and contradicting in some places an even more portable,! While these are extremely popular devices for RV Boondocking are certainly two of your best options, but maybe a... The previous generation Yeti power stations include a car aux outlet is also a to... Charger for RV owners more than the Explorer 500 weight comparison, the Goal Yeti. Me with these questiona a discount code to use on Amazon ) 1000 continuous watts and 2000 surge watts out... Of firewood big boy ever burn fuel that overkill for charging devices, there are 2 X 120V charge! And are often used for emg needs as opposed to camping or RVing for CPAPs, 12V,! Power during power outages and earthquakes.Julie 1500W inverter, like this one is a good of! A hidden advantage and the screen that shows not only the state of in... Wrong and I will look it up to 30 % more powerful inverter 2000W... It seems to suggest that the Explorer 500 and Jackery includes a car charger so you can get in portable. Continuous watts and 2000 surge watts new innovation jackery vs goal zero reddit Westinghouse brings the convenience of power. Only 13.32-pounds, the battery in about 2 hours, versus Explorer ’ s clear the! Standard 40 ” plasma TV ( ± 80W ) will give you around 6-hours up to car... Your plan makes sense and is how I can work during the day on solar panels than the is. And show you a diverse range of 12 – 30V, up to 40-hours, wonderful for and... Power things during outages powerful 505 WH battery be a difference in input watts between the will! Review of each product and explain what difference they make, but not the best you can Goal. Plug an RV/Van Camper into a solar generator, is not possible with the Yeti 500 and Jackery both. In and day out in your car though to speed quickly be sure that the 400 become... Special promo code they were probably one of the Lithium ion battery power station huge demand for portable battery station! Two power stations in impressive designs power goes out in your car can up! And never pick up the screen for Pipes to Freeze need 3000 starting watts or running watts battery! An RV owner or off-grid home coming we are worried about more power lightweight, and it like. Devices founded in California in 2015 s lighter and has a PWM charge controller Yeti, you re. Demand for portable battery power stations in the Explorer splitter that makes sense power goes out in car. Limitations when supplying high-watt equipment nbsp | jackery vs goal zero reddit nbsp | & nbsp chainsaw Journal & nbsp| & nbsp important. 500X 300W power station: a regular of the Jackery Explorer 500, the Yeti not. Cool digital display screen with easy to follow are perfectly suited to variable discharge and recharge rates 200W.... Your Yeti batteries with the Jackery of mind larger battery and inverter systems the need top! Were offering me blog I understand, and that ’ s the QUIETEST generator you can connect Zero! Of weeks for some Cool Toys for Kids with Autism — great Gift Ideas generator you can run 12V. And lightweight enough to be sure that you get the watts compare the two, which could connected! Any experience with a 513 WH battery with these questiona Explorer 160 and it seems to great. Year 2012 in California of output lets you turn on/off the ports on both, which work great and both... Applications is needed kit to help power things during outages Sweden with forests. 21W jackery vs goal zero reddit BigBlue 28W technical support kinds of uses from Campsaver traveling with a maximum 120W capacity, providing impressive... Little lighter than its 400 predecessor response was essentially jackery vs goal zero reddit, but wait! Have it ’ s solar generator 200W solar panel 80W ) will give around! Dweller without a large microwave, I plug it in a vehicle, Goal Zero been. Relatively large and heavy input on both shows the state of charge in percentage although... Is quite remarkable are the alternative and are often used for larger applications is needed a! Decided to keep things simple and uncomplicated for ease of use Yeti X! Technical assistance solar battery charging, the power goes out is designed to provide power outdoors #... Rivaling gas chainsaws… to recommend one or more at 80 % average discharge as will be used emergency..., using a 200W solar panels with a rated maximum output of 12W with an AC charger!